Improve your Mental Health and Wellbeing through comedy

The Comedy Trust, Merseyside based charity are the brains behind Liverpool’s Annual Comedy Festival. Our ethos is to help “Create Happier, Healthier People” across Merseyside.

So why are we telling you this? Well, we are strong believers and campaigners against eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health, this is how our Feeling Funny comedy course was born. More action needs to be taken to help reduce the perception of men’s mental health. Our current funding for our Feeling Funny courses is targeted at reducing the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and tackling the alarming statistics of male suicide within the UK. Now to the point you’ve all be waiting for….our Feeling Funny mental health and wellbeing comedy course is set to start in Liverpool at the end of this month! Are you interested in improving your mental health, self-esteem, confidence, reduce stress levels, meet friendly and like-minded people in a non-judgemental setting whilst helping to remove the taboo attached to mental illness in Men? Click here for more information and email to apply.

We’re also excited to say that we’re currently in the midst of seeking for funds to open our courses to women! Stay tuned!

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