IWOW | Using Comedy To Create A Happier, Healthier You

Royal Court Theatre





Laughter truly is the best medicine! Join award winning stand-up comedian Sam Avery as he discusses the positive effect of humour. Sam Avery is an award winning stand-up comedian, bestselling author and viral blogger. In 2018 he embarked on his debut national tour, selling out venues across the UK and culminating in two nights at London's prestigious Leicester Square Theatre. For the last 13 years he’s also used comedy to create happier, healthier people as the Artistic Director of The Comedy Trust, a Liverpool-based charitable organisation. Sam has led and delivered over 300 comedy programmes in a wide range of settings for all ages, backgrounds and requirements. This has included high profile clients such as Barclays, United Utilities, 02 and the International Festival of Business and also with participants from community centres, schools, day-centres and support groups. Participants have used the programmes to help with confidence, depression and anxiety and learn how to use humour to have a positive effect on their lives. In this entertaining and informative talk, Sam will discuss the positive effect of humour on our mental health, the essential role of humour as a coping mechanism, how to integrate laughter into our daily working lives, plus share some fascinating findings through the work of The Comedy Trust.

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"What an incredible experience, such a well thought out, designedinnovative course. From the moment you walk in the door you feel at ease and it is also a great opportunity to meet new people, I did not stop laughing from start to finish. The course has not just helped me develop skills to deliver stand up comedy but it has also given me a massive confidence boost and developed my communication skills which I have transferred over to my career and personal life."

Amanda Irving | Participant