IWOW | Change Vibration Movement's Immersive Sound Bath

Royal Court Theatre





Step into our immersive, soothing sound bath by the talented Change Vibration Movemen Do you struggle to meditate? Ever tried Sound Meditation? Effortlessly slip into a blissful meditation, guided by spoken word and elevated sound vibrations, from the Himalayan singing bowls, harmonic spectrum Tuning forks, didgeridoo and a Burmese Gong. Proven to reduce physical and emotional tension, rebalance the enegry centre chakras of the body and hemispheres of the brain. Experience a unique meditation journey, absorb powerful frequencies, realign your being with the power of sound vibrations. Round off your day of wellbeing wonders by taking part in our free sound bath; here you will have the opportunity to bathe in the meditative sound of singing bowls.

Workshop, Other